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The Vein Doctors Group very own Dr Paul Hannah is featured in this SBS article about why professional cyclists develop bulging leg veins. This image, originally posted to Polish cyclist Pawel Poljanski’s Instagram, has been making waves on the internet. Some people say it’s unnatural, some claim it’s caused by steroid use. Have a read
Find out about some simple changes you can make right now to help address and prevent varicose veins If you suffer from varicose veins then you’re well aware that they’re not just an aesthetic problem. They can be incredibly painful and can lead to complications such as ulcers, bleeding, blood clots and even deep vein
Vein Doctor Group will be among the range of health, beauty, fashion, food and business information, presentations and demonstrations specifically targeted to women at this year’s Women’s Health & Well-being Expo. Come along to this year’s Women’s Health & Well-Being Expo held at the Robina Community Centre on Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 May 2016.
Miami Day Hospital steps up to offer a unique international medical training and conference facility, capable of connecting theatre specialisations live to learning forums Dr Chris Lekich, the founder and medical director of Miami’s Vein Doctors Group, Vein Doctors Group and MetroCentre, has recently added to the Miami Day Hospital facility, enabling it to become
A new varicose vein treatment growing in popularity has recently been put under the microscope with 9News covering the story. It’s one of the first treatments approved in Australia boasting big results with minimal invasiveness. The treatment, called VenaSeal, gives patients several new benefits thanks to its use of medical-grade adhesives. It’s one of the
Varicose veins are a common problem, and although they are visible by the naked eye, thorough evaluation is required for optimal treatment Here at Vein Doctors Group in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Ballina, Mackay and Cairns,we offer ultrasound-guided treatment of varicose veins. This helps our doctor treat varicose veins with pinpoint targeted knowledge of the vascular
Angelina Jolie may choose to receive varicose vein treatment for her arms before her wedding to Brad Pitt this year Although this material is fodder for trashy magazines, the plight of celebrities in the public domain is generally not discussed in our clinic. As Angelina Jolie’s arms are used as examples by our patients seeking
Help minimise venous damage and avoid the development of deep vein thrombosis by maintaining good circulation when flying 1) Compression stockings The lightweight compression stockings we offer at Vein Doctors Group are a great way to maintain your vein function during long flights. Support stockings apply external pressure to the leg and are designed to assist